Web-Enabled Relational Database


The server on which I built the database is no longer available due to a Simmons Technology update. I will demonstrate the database’s functionality using screen shot images to demonstrate what the PHP-scripted results pages looked like after the Web-enabled SQL queries were performed.


Query #1: Search by person pictured

The “Search by person pictured” query is very strict, and requires full and accurately-typed first AND last name entry. Try the following:

Last Name: “Karel”
First Name: “David”


Last Name: “Magruder”
First Name: “Jack”


Any personal name you notice in Photograph Description fields throughout the database is searchable via these fields, as I indexed each of them (96 total) in completion of this project.

Queries #2 and #3: Browse by Series and Subject

Data in the Series and Subject fields are based on a controlled vocabulary. The vocabulary allows for proper collocation and, thus,  retrieval, but it can only be utilized to its maximum potential when the user knows the controlled vocabulary. This is why I elected to approach the rest of the queries using a “browse” function; it allows the user interested in “aboutness” to view what available and make a determination about where to go next.

Browse by Series–>”Faculty/Staff”


Browse by Subject–>”Great Fire”


Query #4: Browse Digitized Images

In order to address the anticipated user’s desire to view what images are immediately available, I wrote a query that will allow the user to browse digitized images. The results incorporate the digitized image files, and each image hyperlinks to a full-size version. Note that high-quality digitization credit belongs to Truman State University’s Picker Memorial Library, a result of its Digital Library initiative.

“Browse Digitized Images”


Please go here to view presentation slides demonstrating my database design process.