Adobe Dreamweaver   Dynamic Web Form 

           Course: Technology for Information Professionals (LIS 488) | Summer 2012
           Instructor: Michael Leach
           Software: Adobe Dreamweaver
           Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP
           Note: Content provided by instructor.

oXygen XML Editor  EAD Finding Aid

           Course: Archival Access and Use (LIS 440) |  Spring 2012
           Instructor: Kate Bowers
           Software:  oXygen XML Editor
           Language: XML
           Note: Content provided by instructor.

MySQLWeb-Enabled Relational Database

           Course: Database Management (LIS 458) | Fall 2012
           Instructor: Michael Leach
           Software & Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver, phpMyAdmin
           RDMS: MySQL
           Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
           Note: Content based on existing photograph collection at Truman State University
Archives & Special Collections, but is neither comprehensively
representative nor formally affiliated with the University in any way.

NHPRC Basic Processing Grant

Course: Establishing Archives and Manuscript Programs (LIS 442) | Fall 2012
Instructor: Donna Webber
Software: Microsoft Word
Note: Content inspired by instructor-assigned scenario.