Hi, I’m Elise

I’m an information specialist with expertise in knowledge management, process improvement, metadata management, and facilitation. I bring my perspective as an archivist and a skilled communicator to the information challenges organizations and individuals face on a daily basis, like:

  • How do we harness the experience and knowledge of subject matter experts and translate it into usable information resources?
  • How do I manage my personal digital files more effectively?
  • How do we organize the information stored in our intranet to ensure that our valuable information assets are discoverable internally for years to come?

I began my career in academic libraries and now am proud to be a part of E-Nor, working with some of the smartest, most passionate individuals I know. I’m happy where I am, and am keeping an eye out for opportunities for side projects. If you have an idea, and if I believe I can grow from it, we may be able to do something great. Contact me.